Pre-Cut for Purpose!

We are all gifted in some type of capacity. Some of our gifts are uniquely different then others. Steve Harvey said in his book: Act Like A Success; Think Like A Success: “Our gift is the single thing that you do at your absolute best with the least amount of effort.” I believe that is a true statement especially for someone like myself. For many years I was trying to understand what I was gifted to do, not what people were telling me I should do. After discovering my gift; I found myself having lack of confidence or assurance in my ability to deliver. I was gifted and insecure all at the same time. This led to me seeking people for validation about what I knew I was gifted to do. This was a very difficult phase because sometimes you end up seeking advice from individuals who does not have the ability to believe in anyone but themselves; which will not empower us at all.

During my prayer time God would encourage me to seek Him for direction. In doing so, I found myself coming across people who would just walk up to me and confirm what God had already told me I was gifted to do. I started thinking back to my childhood and up to now. I could recall operating in my gift on multiple occasions without much effort at all.

I now realize we are all Pre-Cut for Purpose. When a cookie cutter is designed it has already been established by the designer of what shape it will take. After being manufactured it is sold for use. Eventually, the cookie cutter is placed on top of the cookie dough and pressed down in order for the cookie to take its pre-cut shape. In Jeremiah 1:5 the scripture says: “Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee.” God is our designer and we have all been pre-cut even before we were in our mothers’ womb. Knowing that God had all of us in mind before we took shape should give us fuel to drive ourselves to our greatest potential. When a person has access to designer clothing they put those clothes on and feel pretty good about it. Well my gift is designer and was designed by the best therefore I’ll take ownership and operate in it also.


Emotions on the Rise

Thank God that we are emotional beings and we have the ability to express our emotions. Emotions are so powerful that we now have emoticons to express how we feel with pictures (😭😔😁🙌👎👍🙏). Everybody wants everyone to know how they feel. Emotions are specific and intense psychological and physical reactions to a particular event. So we must ask ourselves a question; are our emotions a feeling or is it a reaction to an event that caused us to feel a certain kind of way. Either way we must truly practice to control our emotions. Jesus was a true example of being able to express His emotion while at the same time reacting positively to the specific event. When His friend Lazarus died he was brought to tears but He didn’t go on a killing spree. He simply asked where he lay. Even though things may seem dead in our lives we must stop crying and ask ourselves where does that doormat situation lay and raise it up.

We may feel a certain way about a situation but where accountability comes in, is during the process of reaction. How will we respond. I am on a journey of keeping my emotions in check. I rule my emotions my emotions don’t rule me. Also, I’m determined to act upon what the word of God says and not what my emotions are pushing me to do. Standing on the word of God increases faith… Standing on our emotions produces fear, unbelief, and fleshly reactions.

Regardless of how it may look, if God promised it to you it shall come to pass. We can’t allow our emotions to cause our vision to become cloudy just keep pressing forward. So choose to run through troops and leap over walls, regardless of what you’re facing. As the founder of my church would often tell us; “Stay happy, suga.” If you choose to stay happy that’s one emotion that will help us get through the process of life…
You choose the emotion it does not choose you…
Let’s take control…